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Mud Pond Contemplation

As many of you know, photography is my post-career career. Or, as my wife puts it, my excuse to go travel around the world. After retiring from twenty two years in the US Navy, I did flounder for a bit, but ended up firmly ensconced in Hancock, NH on a 50 acre dairy goat farm. Although managing the farm wasn’t in any post-Navy business plan, I have come to love the creatures and our small corner of New Hampshire.

Away from the hordes of the cities, life isn’t any easier, just a more productive manner of busyness. Fences need mending, feed needs to be purchased, fields limed, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. At the very least we see tangible evidence of what our hard work achieves in the forms of food and firewood.

The other tangible reward is being outdoors and being able to enjoy the stunning scenery of our Monadnock region of New Hampshire. Currier and Ives, famous lithographers of the Nineteenth Century, would still feel at home here. I am very blessed to live in a place where one doesn’t have to travel even outside of my town to capture amazing images.

With that as a preamble and introduction, this website is one of exploration of beauty, here locally and further afield. I hope you enjoy seeing what I have found in my continued efforts to capture those sights that make me glad.

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